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On this page I show groups of work that originate from different creative periods. Starting with the most current pieces (in work 1). In works 2 - 4 you will find pieces from earlier periods.



Painted, glued and polished float glass



Glass filled glass cases





Different pieces

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About my work

I favour commercial float glass for my work.

In earlier pieces I cut these into slats, in themselves slight changing form which I layered in a stainless steel profile or between stone, wood or coal. It resulted in light converging fields or blocks of clear or coloured glass as an interruption in a tumben, glass contrary material.

Later I produced slim cases in which I stacked square, painted small glass slivers. Out of that the group of works, 'Where the shark blows bubbles' developed.

These days I work predominantly within this area. With delicate brush strokes I paint or draw on single panes that, layered and glued, seemingly float in the glass creating three dimensional shapes.

Those revealed paintings, similar to the above described box objects, at times more or less visible leading almost to a complete dissolution depending on the viewer's angle, are mirrored on the inside of these object blocks which are polished on all sides.

In this way variations of forms are created, mirror axes, views of one and the same body depending on one's point of observation.